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The saints of every age made their mark on history by being all-in:

committing their time, labor, prayers, and their very lives to the service of God and His Church. They said “yes” to allowing God to work through them and lead them on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Church today needs saints- leaders who will do whatever it takes to share His love with a world that desperately needs it.

The Damascus Full-Time Missionary Program provides leaders with 2 years of in-depth formation in a lifestyle of holiness and mission that will impact generations.

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Applications for the 2024-25 year closed on January 15. If you are interested, please reach out to mission@damascus.net to inquire about your options!

About the Damascus Full-Time Missionary Program

A little bit of background.

For 15 years, Catholic Youth Summer Camp had been serving more and more young people at rented campsites all over Ohio. In 2015, the dream of establishing a permanent campus was finally fulfilled, and brought with it the recognition of a larger call: to bring the New Evangelization to thousands more through a community committed to year-round ministry.

In 2016, the first four missionaries said yes to that call and began to make the dream a reality. By the following spring, several more young adults felt the call to join what they saw the Lord doing in Centerburg, OH, engaging in a weekly rhythm of running back-to-back retreats, living in household communities, serving local youth groups, and attending formation.

It was demanding, challenging, and stretching in ways they had never expected. And precisely in the midst of that, they saw God bear fruit in the lives of hundreds, then thousands of people through their surrendered ‘yes’.

Every year since, more and more young adults have answered the call to lay their lives down for the sake of bringing revival to the Church. And every year, the Damascus full-time family grows not only in size but with the wisdom, experience, and unique gifts of each new individual who says yes.

It is not a mission for all. But for those God has called, it is an invitation to become all that He has made them to be and to make an impact on the next generation of the Church- not just for two years, but every day of their life.

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Where We're From

Our current full-time missionaries represent 20 states and the country of Spain, with two-thirds hailing from outside Ohio.

Life as a full-time Damascus Missionary

Every moment of the 2-year full-time mission program will prepare you for a life of holiness and mission that brings revival to the Church. Year 1 is invested as a year of service oriented toward developing a firm foundation in the elements of Formation, Community, Discipleship, and Mission. Year 2 builds upon that foundation and allows for greater specialization in areas that develop your individual strengths, skills, and passions. The typical weekly schedule reflects how these elements weave together into a lifestyle that will bear fruit both now and into the future.

The Weekly Schedule

The typical schedule of a week in the fall or spring semester of a full-time mission year illustrates how these elements are woven together to build a life oriented toward the pursuit of holiness and mission.

Yearly Timeline

Early March

Commitments finalized

Late March

Launch into Mission Support Raising with a training weekend

Late May

Arrive for summer training and formation at the EQUIP Conference

June - Early August

Serve as a member of a CYSC summer staff

Late August

After a post-camp break, return to Damascus for two weeks of further training and formation

September - April

Live the adventure of missionary life! This time includes holiday breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, as well as quarterly missionary retreats.


Mission Support Raising season for First Years/Graduation & Deployment for Second Years


Applications are open between October 15 and January 15 every year.


Continue your discernment by attending an on-site or web-based interview retreat. Full-time applicants will also have a second phone interview.


Offers will be extended and staff commitments determined by early March.

Begin the Adventure

The full-time mission begins with serving on a summer staff at CYSC.

Mission Support Raising

An important part of the call to be a full-time missionary is Mission Support Raising: inviting others to join the mission prayerfully and financially so you can have your needs provided for and be fully available to mission.

Specific, hands-on training will be provided in order to help you attain your goal, which you will determine according to your circumstances within the range set by Damascus.

A monthly living cost fee will go to cover living expenses including food, housing, training, etc., after which missionaries receive 100% of everything they raise after taxes up to their limit. This stipend will be disbursed in biweekly installments beginning June 15 and concluding May 30 of the following year.

Questions? Email msr@damascus.net!


Age Requirement

Applicants must have graduated high school prior to serving as a full-time missionary. Typical applicants are ages 18-28.

Incoming missionaries must complete the following requirements prior to the start of CYSC. Opportunities for both will be offered during training at the beginning of the summer, and we strongly recommend taking advantage of the on-site opportunities. Once accepted, if you have already completed one or both of these requirements or have questions about the process, please email mission@damascus.net.

1. Background Check

Those who have lived in Ohio for the last five (5) years consecutively must obtain an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCI) background check.

Those who have resided outside of Ohio in the last five (5) years must obtain a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) background check.

2. Protecting God’s Children (PGC) / Virtus training session.

Those who have lived in Ohio for the last five (5) years consecutively must obtain an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCI) background check.

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Discerning a call to full-time mission can feel daunting. What does it mean for my family? My relationships? My finances? It’s normal to ask these questions and weigh the different factors that are affected by the decision.

In any discernment, the most important question to ask is: God, what are you calling me to? Pray for the faith to let His will be done, ask Him to reveal the desires and dreams that He has placed in your heart, and trust that He will provide everything you need to fulfill the call He gives you.

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