Confirmation Retreats

Faith doesn't just need to be learned, it needs to be lived.

It's more than a series of concepts out of a textbook; it's a dynamic relationship with God that will continue to grow throughout a young person’s life. Damascus Confirmation retreats exist to introduce young people to an experiential understanding of the beauty of the Catholic Church and the adventure of a life lived in relationship with God.

Like our summer camp program, this is a fun, high-adventure experience that is designed specifically to meet young people at this important stage of their lives and invite them to deeper discipleship.

The Details

Grade level:
8th Grade
Typical Dates:
Select weekends September-April
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Retreat Content

Throughout the retreat, students are invited to the following decision points:

  • Decide to turn away from what is holding you back from life
  • Decide to make Jesus the Lord of your life
  • Decide to receive the gift of new life given through the Spirit
  • Decide to embrace and live the mission of the Church

The content was developed in collaboration with the Dynamic Catholic Confirmation Curriculum, Decision Point, but the retreat does not assume familiarity with any particular curriculum and can be integrated into any plan of preparation!

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