High School Retreats

Abundant Life Retreat

As they mature, young people wrestle more and more with the big questions of life: “What will make me happy? How will I live my life? Is God real? Does He care about me? Do I really believe what the Church teaches?” The goal of the Abundant Life retreat is to meet students at this critical point, to help them explore those questions with a philosophical approach, and invite them to discover for themselves the answer in Jesus: the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Throughout the retreat, students are introduced to the foundations of the Christian life: Identity, prayer, mission, and community. Meanwhile, a series of competitions challenges them to discover the joy and adventure of the Christian life while growing in community with their classmates

Made for More Retreat

Faith is not just a matter of information, it’s an encounter with the person of Jesus and life in the Holy Spirit. This retreat prepares students to live a life on mission in the freedom of their identity as children of God. This retreat is ideal for upperclassmen or as a “next step” experience.

Impact Leadership Retreat

This retreat helps upperclassmen to develop a greater vision and sense of purpose as they are empowered to use their gifts in service to others. In recognizing their capacity for greatness in the image of Jesus, they will be sent out to pursue a life that makes an impact in their school, in the church, and in the world.

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